Front Row Paris and In2MF: Where Paris Meets Indonesian Modesty and Elegance

The beginning of September in Paris has been nothing short of a fashion extravaganza, with a splendid showcase of international talent. On September 2nd, The Indonesian Fashion Chamber and The Central Bank of Indonesia graced the French capital with two exceptional events: Front Row Paris and the Indonesia International Modest Fashion Festival (In2MF).

In2MF kicked off the day with a magnificent display of eight eminent designers, all celebrating Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to sustainable fashion. Among the illustrious designers were Khanaan Shamlan, Syukriah Rusydi, Itang Yunasz, Kami, Wening Anggawikaningtyas, Sanet Sabintang, Anggiasari Mawardi, and Thiffa Qaisty Salsabila. Their creations exemplified the diversity and innovation thriving within Indonesia’s modest fashion brands, marking a significant stride towards establishing Indonesia as a global hub for modest fashion.

The Front Row Runway Show was a splendid tapestry woven by 13 renowned Indonesian fashion designers, including Deden Siswanto, Oleanderbyribie, Balik Papan, Sofie, Hikmat Fashion, Michele Liu, Ali Charisma, Ivan Gunavan, and more. In this remarkable showcase, these designers seamlessly blended contemporary creativity with traditional Indonesian influences. The result? A vivid burst of colors and unparalleled uniqueness that infused fresh life into the global fashion scene.

Front Row Paris and In2MF have been much more than just fashion events; they have been a celebration of culture, tradition, and the boundless creativity that defines Indonesian fashion. These two extraordinary gatherings illuminated the Parisian landscape with a kaleidoscope of styles, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of global fashion. In the heart of Paris, where fashion finds its home, Indonesian modesty met Parisian elegance in an unforgettable fashion spectacle.


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